Parish Data

Data from 2001 Census is available for all parishes as is the Index of Multiple Deprivation. We used to make this available directly through the website but due to low take up have stopped renting the software that makes this easy to do (by displaying it in map form).


Over 120 different pieces of information are available for each parish from the Census data, usually by parish. The data available includes:

Parish Population: including the age structure for 10 individual age bands

Religion split into 9 different categories

Ethnicity in 4 categories

Employment in 9 categories

Living Arragements in 8 categories

Car Ownership in 6 categories

Household Tenure in 14 categories


The IMD figures are available by Super Output Area (Lowerl layer level) which is approximately 1,500 people for the main index, 7 domains and 8 sub domains:

Index of Multiple Deprivation

Income Deprivation (including ID affecting Children sub domain and ID affecting older people sud domain)

Employment Deprivation

Education, Skills and Training Deprivation (including Children/Young people sub domain and Skilss sub domain)

Health Deprivation

Crime Deprivation

Barriers to Housing and Services (including Geographoc Barriers sub domain, and Wider Barriers sub domain

Living Environment (including Indoors Sub domain, and Outdoors sub domain)