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What's distinctive about a church school?

Good church schools are not necessarily any better than a good community school but they should be distinctively different.

The values that underpin a church school should be clearly Christian in origin but must be acknowledged as such. Many community schools are culturally Christain a church school must be wholly so.

Starting points for upholding and developing the distinctive Christian character of a church school are many. The diocesan education team have knowledge and experience is supporting parishes and schools in this vital aspect of school leadership.

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What is the mission of a church school?

It is, and must be, because that engagement with children and young people in schools will, in the words of the late Lord Runcie when he was Archbishop of Canterbury, enable the Church to:

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Commissioning a new headteacher

The arrival of a new headteacher to a church school is different to that in a community school.

As part of their role in a church school the headteacher is expected to support and develop links with the parish. In some way the headteacher becomes a part of the spiritual leadership team within the community.

This is not only an opportunity but also a significant challenge.

Marking the arrival of your headteacher is important and a special service in the church, often referred to a a Commissioning Service, is one way of doing this.

The Diocesan Education Team are pleased to offer support to any parish holding such a service and off the following papers.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team please contact to Liz Hodson on 02392 899 658 or by email

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